French Oak Barrels . Choose the barrel with the right volume and toast to fit the needs of your wine. Because these forests are relatively small, French laws regulate the growing and cutting cycle of a tree’s life. To ensure barrels of the highest quality, we source oak from the ancient forests throughout northern and central France, and staves from our family-run French … French Oak. House Selection Bordeaux Export 225 Liter/ 27mm- available in Medium Toast or Medium Plus.. Staves for the house selections come from ancient oak forests throughout northern and central France, nationally or locally-owned sites that have been carefully cultivated for centuries in order to produce oak … We offer our House Selection barrels—a Bordeaux Export and a Burgundy Export— in four basic toast profiles. This is one of six main French oak forests that provide oak for making barrels. So, when an oak tree falls in an American forest, its impact is much gentler on a winery’s bottom line. A French oak barrel costs about $1,000, while an American barrel is about $500. French Oak barrels are some of the best in the world. The volume of wine produced in a home setting isn’t enough to fill the full-sized barrels from France and, typically, barrel-producers are not making smaller scale barrels … French Oak Barrels and Home Wine Making Unsurprisingly, it is difficult to find french oak barrels for home use here in North America.