Instrument Care | Fingering Chart Major Scales (1 Octave) | Major Scales (2 Octaves) Minor Scales ( 1 Octave) Minors start on the 6th of the major scale. Learn all of your major scales. Range Study CC Tuba; Range Study E Flat Tuba; Range Study F Tuba; Range Study Variations; Tonguing and Technique Scales. Title: ASB Sca Tuba.mus Author: Tobias T. … ... Tuba. Horn Undergraduate: Major, minor, and chromatic scales. For example, G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G = G nat minor = Bb major scale starting on G. Raise the 7th of the minor scales you just played to get harmonic minors. Melodic Minor Scales F Melodic Minor Bb Melodic Minor Eb Melodic Minor Ab Melodic Minor C# Melodic Minor F# Melodic Minor Students auditioning for the All-State Band are also required to take a written test. Play the major scales on a tuba; learn how with tips from our expert tuba player and teacher in this free tuba video music lesson on brass instruments. Major and minor scales (audition only) Two contrasting études (only one required for pre-screening; two required for audition) First movement of the Vaughan Williams or Gregson Concerto, Hindemith Sonata, or similar work (pre-screening and audition) Tuba Major and minor scales c melodic minor Eb Major Ab Major f melodic minor Db Major bb melodic minor Revised July 2008 Gb Major eb melodic minor. Snedecor, Low Etudes for tuba #4; Vaughn Williams Concerto--1st and 2nd movements and the cadenza from the Hindemith Sonata Persichetti Serenade #12 for solo tuba; Major and Minor Scales all forms, two octaves. Expert: Kevin Smith Bio: Kevin is … The All-State Band & Orchestra Terminology Sheet is a study guide of the terms used for the All-State written test. Major Scales (1 Octave) | Major Scales (2 Octaves) Minor Scales (1 Octave) Brass Lip Slurs (from "My First Arban") Baritone (Treble Clef) Instrument Care | Fingering Chart ... Tuba. C Major œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ ... 2 Octave Major Scales with Full Range Chromatic Scale Tuba. All major and minor scales and arpeggios (two octaves as well as chromatic scale (three octaves); Etude from Book 3 of the Rochut Melodious Etudes, solo (Horovitz Euphonium Concerto Movement 3 or similar); sight reading. So, play the same scales you just learned, but start on the 6th instead. Tuba. Tuba; Alabama All-State Scales and Arpeggios – All 12 Major Scales and Arpeggios, C minor Harmonic and A minor Melodic Scales, and Chromatic Scale as required for All-State Auditions – all instruments. The scales required for auditions include major, melodic minor, and chromatic scales. For example, G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F#, G. The Melodic minor scale is different on the way up the scale than on the way down the scale. Excerpts: Wagner "Meistersinger" Overture Prokofiev, Symphony No 5 Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel Minor Scales Cheat Sheet • Harmonic minor – raise the 7 th scale degree • Melodic minor – raise the 6 th and 7 th scale degree (ascending), revert to Going up, the 3rd scale degree is flat, but the rest is like a major scale, and going down it is the same as a natural minor scale. Twelve Major Scales and Arpeggios – All twelve major scales and … Title: 2 octave majors with full chromatic - Tuba Author: belski_b Created Date: … A.SIama 66ETUDES inAllMajorandMinorKeys forTrombone,Tuba, Bassoon,StringBass MT 172 S62 1922 c.1 MUSI 0498 V-.ARX.PlSCHER ^/^ Ht''='•'/