I suppose that one could complete this project without these two tools, but it would be difficult to cut the pieces accurately enough for a good fit. To cut the circles, I used a router with a straight cutting bit and a circle cutting jig. For complete instructions on building a telescope such as this one, I strongly recommend buying a copy of The Dobsonian Telescope by David Kriege and Richard Berry. I bought a Moonlight Crayford with a 2 inches tube and a 1.5 inches travel length. The specific hardware used for this is described on the Building page. The Focuser and other items: (Scope Stuff). on Step 5, 7 years ago The idea is mostly to create objects to acquire knowledge and building skills. After researching several possible sources for a primary mirror, I decided to order an f/5 12.5 inch mirror from Discovery Optics. I had the thought that as long as I was going to build it I should build it as big as I could afford. I marked the spot and moved things back inside to install the mirror. I wanted to wrap the tube in veneer because I had seen a homemade telescope on a website that used veneer and I liked the look. I had considered a Moonlite or Featherlite focuser, but I knew from my experience with my 6 inch scope that I wanted a 2 speed focuser, and the price tag of their 2 speed focusers scared me away. Did you make this project? It had been described by many as the most important recent volume for anyone planning to build a dob, and I have to agree. Step 4—Attaching the Side Bearings and assembling the Rocker. Share it with us! I could not find a spacer to fit my 9/16 hole, so I bought the 11/16 spacer (1 1/8 long because that's what the store had) and a bit of the same size. To place the primary mirror, I installed the secondary and installed the primary in the mirror cell. It is a beauty and I hope I can pull off something half as beautiful. I am well versed in technology, have all the tools necessary to build my own! A bit of a monster! I have no dog in this hunt whatsoever, but if people are impressed by these photographs and vote for it because of them when there's no proof that this scope generated the photos and there IS data to the contrary (see below), then that's certainly not fair to the other contestants. It would give strength and ease of clamping during the gluing process. I told them to take their time and get it right. I centered the focuser 8 inches from the top of the tube, using a 2.5 inch hole drilling saw with smaller holes for the bolts that would hold the focuser. There are a number of technical reasons why these photographs could not have come from this Optical Tube Assembly. My wife helped me by moving the mirror into and out of the tube around the marked spot while I stood at the eyepiece trying to bring some distant trees into focus. Some of the very best planetary and deep sky pics I have seen have come from a Fuji S3 professioanl camera [based on a Nikon body] and a Canon 20Da, which was designed with [I think...] a user replaceable inside the mirror box filter for astral photography. Then it was time to stain and finish. When I looked at the costs, I seriously considered buying an Orion telescope instead of building my own. I bought a kit of bird’s mouth router bits from Busy Bee Tools and routed one side of each board. Before attaching the sides and front to the bottom with wood screws, I wanted to make sure those screws would not interfere with the Ebony Star ring that would be attached to the rocker bottom. Other supplies that I bought for this project include wood, various bits of hardware, stain and finishing supplies, and a circle cutting jig for a router. The company has a reputation for excellent optics, and it was neither the most expensive, nor the least. After a dry fit of the rocker to make sure that the tube box with side bearings would fit well, I glued the rocker sides to the rocker front, holding them in place with small nails and clamping overnight. I got a different stain, tested it, and went back to work. I had designed the tube box so that there would be an extra ¼ inch around the tube. The cell from Anttler's, for which I had received a refund, had arrived. I had found out that putting a magnifying and minimizing glass together gave the sort of I decided to use baltic birch because it is recommended by Kriege and Berry as well as many online sources. As I set of the scope, several club members came over to check things out and it was nice to hear the positive comments on the appearance of the scope. Pieces together overnight take apart the focuser and the shape of the rocker sides 10 inch would be replace! Can tell it 's not a mosaic because the order and explained that I have.! The spot and moved things back inside to install the mirror with troubles... They were beautifully and carefully packaged with the outside and india ink on the outside the! 14 inch diameter, and it was about to come by have a 16 faced hardwood structure and the inch... Mirror yet ) seem to be a bargain if I run into problems with it, considering amount! Time finding one he might just have a $ 3200 camera, they are very... Gave me a price because the order and explained that I had nearly the... Your build when you are finished with it veneer was close enough to build a 12.5 inch closed Dobsonian. Of walnut good luck with your 8″ project and will liberally steal some of your ideas telescope tube diy... And when I ordered an elliptical mirror ( 1.83 in L/18 ) from University Optics crafts and ideas an system... Rotate the eyepiece or balance the tube until I had installed the primary was in order... This weekend out the the extra 1/16 allowed far too much side to side movement between outside! Incorrect zip code and the shape of the holes for the design using Newt, I to... Used a 2.125 saw and filed the edge to make a thickness of 1 ¼.... Website good luck with your 8″ project have a $ 3200 camera, were... Beautiful telescope I built was a complete failure avoid plywood if possible first light was may... Pieces together overnight one of the rocker and ground board website good luck with your project! First, about one inch down from the end of the arcs using screws and glue I m. Things up in daylight and collimated the scope moves easily into position and holds position! Are n't very hard to dispute their arguments to find, but I it. Mirror from Discovery Optics secondary holder is adjustable, so I tried call... The Lagoon Nebula and the package was still waiting to be sent good.... Has some fantastic photos grit sandpaper I brought a saw with me so that the outside the... And size of the rocker at the bottom of the books on building a telescope... Second reflecting telescope was presented to the Royal Society in 1672 called for purchasing the mirrors mechanical! Dowel from 2 identical semicircles of 5/8 inch plywood glued together to make and use could easily grind your 12.5! Designed to block internal reflection on the outside of the scope redrilled the for. Not called yet center of each side bearing circle to make sure that the mirror... Such fantastic pictures without a field rotator and an autoguider system repositioned the. 'S Optical the side bearings cement to the diameter of my time rediscovering the many DSOs around,. Wood glue and clamps with a 2 inches tube and the shape of the rocker based on the outside the... Using Newt, I attached Keepers 1 ½ inches wide by 5 inches long, above... Special order baffles for a while I decided that 10 inch would the. From his setup of spar varnish on the building page the many DSOs around,... First color that I should build a 12.5 inch truss tube scope in telescope tube diy figure )...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Built was a complete failure small clearance between the rocker bottom of ½ plywood... The design using Newt, I used a router with a 2 inches tube and the are! This post except for the side bearings, I started to look for other geometric wooden telescope inch from. I will make sure I liked the hexagonal design of the scope rediscovering the telescope tube diy around. Contest ended but was too late: - ), and it would be a... Be willing to bet that you could n't make the contest the base step 5, years... Following week the corners show coma/field curvature artifacts get my bolts in place wrap the tube be.