And what better time to smoke a bunch of fish than our first big storm of the winter season! Each product is chosen carefully to meet the demands of smoking enthusiasts and those who want to try it. 20 min 1 ora 40 min masterbuilt smoker cod Read recipe >> best bbq smoker under $400. With an electric cold smoker, you do not need to hire a pro or a bartender just to do it for you during special occasions. Weber Smoker MountainHands down the best bbq smoker available in the under 400 price point is the Weber Smokey Mountain aka WSM. Start off your smoker low, put the fish in the smoker (skin side down) and slowly raise the temperature to 200°F, using milder bisquette flavours to complement the fish. Increasing the temperature of the fish too quickly will result in a dry end product, where all of the fat in the fish has been pushed out to form white spots on the surface. No biggie in a traditional wood fired smoker, I suppose, but ours is electric. It is an excellent fish for smoking. While I love cooking Black Cod a number of ways, there are some who insist that it's best smoked. The best cold electric smokers mentioned above will help you get started in learning how to smoke foods.