I think I'd have to go with the nutella on this one. Compared to peanut butter, Nutella is higher in total calories, saturated fat and sugar. So if you are having trouble not going over in carbs, then peanut butter is a better choice, if you still have enough carbs remaining, then choose what ever one you like better. Nutella has a *kitten* ton of sugar compared to Peanut butter. Both Nutella and peanut butter … In fact, a lot of Americans prefer it to peanut butter too. Based on these results, peanut butter has the upper hand nutritionally compared to Nutella. And nutella is good on bananas and whole wheat toast just like peanut butter … That's a tough one. that said I choose peanut butter, nutella … I'd do peanut butter with pretzels. Course I eat pretzels with nutella too. It is lower in protein and fiber. Worldwide, a jar of Nutella sells every 2.5 seconds; and collectively Nutella fans eat 365,000 tons of the stuff each year.