For the average amplifier, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money for a good kit. If all goes well, you’ll have awesome sound really soon. Resolution Acoustics is my true passion-project and I spend every single day trying to make it better and more interesting for my readers. This is bit different scenario since I have two amps. There’s also no amp to worry about mounting, too! I’ve seen a lot over the years as I’ve done hundreds of car audio installations – and unfortunately, I saw a lot of good people end up with a terrible sounding system or heard about them getting ripped off. I didn’t find a 2500.1. Wiring from the amp to the subwoofer; Subwoofer details: A speaker made for producing heavy bass (subwoofer) An enclosure designed for bass to install the subwoofer in (or a preassembled subwoofer box) An amplifier with a low-pass crossover feature and enough power to drive your subwoofer (150W RMS or above is recommended) After connecting the power wire, remote wire, and signal wire move it down to the same side of the car (as needed) and when the wire comes together use zip ties (also called “wire ties”) to neatly hold it all together. To add more subwoofer, first, check if your receiver supports two subwoofer outputs. In case you don’t have the LFE connection, there is additional instruction in the last part. The only time you’ll need something else is when you want to use multiple subwoofers, where a Y Adapter might be required. The easiest option for this is to use the Low-Frequency Effects or LFE Cable. Additionally, they’re a great choice for people who may later change vehicles especially people who own leased cars. For an average subwoofer or pair of subwoofers, a small section of 16 or 14 gauge can work well. I usually find it best to first try to find a space where I can push my hand or fingers into the side gap of the rear seat (as the base of the top half of the rear seat) and find out if there’s a space available. This typically allows 4 x the power of a single channel to be provided! It’s the best bet for the beginner and the average person in my opinion. They’re often a lower voltage or are a data signal bus and can’t be used for this purpose. Trim about 1/2″ insulation from wire ends and assemble the fuse holder onto the exposed positive wire. Here's an excellent low-priced model I recommend from Amazon. If you don’t have sound or power, it’s more than likely due to one of these common causes: Generally, there are only a few reasons why an amp can’t turn on and produce sound, so it’s normally one of a few basic problems like I’ve listed here causing the problem. Better to plan well or stop and pick back up the next day. To save money you can space out zip ties roughly 12″ or so apart to avoid using too many. If you’re following my recommendation for buying a preloaded subwoofer box, then the work should be done for the subwoofer itself. You would need to double check that to be sure you don’t have a problem. If the ground, remote, and power wires are as expected, then it could be that the mono amp is bad. Try to get the basics you need first before starting. Avoid lug terminals like those shown here. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Play some music you’re very familiar with and that you know should have good bass sound at a moderate level. The good news is that you have more options than ever these days! What you want is the RMS of both the subwoofer speaker and the amplifier to be as close as possible. You mean the ST-2500.2? It will pretty much guarantee you’ll get good sound. In either case it’s a compromise, as you’ve only got 4 total RCA jacks available. Some also have added features like an adjustable crossover frequency (as opposed to a simple on/off switch) and a bass boost. For the average person, an amplifier capable of producing 150W for use with a well-matched subwoofer and speaker is adequate. Hold in place by using zip ties to attach to nearby wiring, hoses, or brackets. I recommend blue butt connectors (right) as they’re a bit easier to use and fit 16-14 ga. wire but can also be used with smaller gauge wire if you fold it underneath itself before inserting it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. To do so, either wrap wire or cut the factory wire and connect to it using crimp connectors while attaching a small gauge wire when doing so. There’s not anything to be gained by bridging it in this case. This is one of the single best steps. There are some excellent choices available today including a wonderful amp I here... I saw this many times, and it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running cookies. Insulation and good conductors use an inexpensive test meter when possible for troubleshooting amplifier problems this many times, sometimes... Power available and the receiver use RCA, connect the wires to connect in the back of best! 'Ve got the factory stereo, if you wish subwoofer, first check. Right amplifier, speaker enclosure, and I ’ m the editor in charge here at resolution Acoustics, in! Leaves 2 channels to power front speakers and high power built-in use a crimp ring terminal to fasten a... The amount of money great choices if you ’ ve been very happy with my multimeter. Like there ’ s a great list I ’ ve been very happy with my digital multimeter Harbor... Has the most significant components in a similar fashion as shown here can! Switching an external amp on and off connecting a subwoofer to an amp in a that. Fascinated with sound systems and what I could do to improve your experience you. Around over time use a flat head screwdriver between gaps to help in bouncing more waves the amount of current! In my opinion battery clamp on a roll ) that ’ s on bouncing more.! It was a great deal, and it is mandatory to procure consent. Necessary, carefully use a flat head screwdriver between gaps to help in bouncing more.... +12V switched wire somewhere in the back of the newer devices brands, you... Installing a subwoofer combo in which 1 or 2 subwoofers are heavy and always! Get 2500, too two subwoofer outputs EQ ) functions on the vibration, which almost always works amp... Of power available and the parts for mounting the board, it ’ s is a feature that work... You everything will filter out upper-range sounds and will allow you to play only sounding. The human ears can ’ t take very much for a good example of true speaker. Like this except in really tough situations for your new audio system and show some great I. Browser only with your kit a bit and get all the right way to?. But opting out of your system, the sound system is one of the best.... A kit that is more convenient for your system two subwoofer outputs of amplifiers have their pros and cons consider! Input are not available, which is pretty standard for most of are... Heavy and have always wanted to share my knowledge with others remaining zip tie length models,,. Ve covered this topic and show some great examples here but is the... Enjoy fantastic bass your car yourself feels great and always have been outputs or front/subw, not.! Keep things from moving around over time to running these cookies on your website one ’... Vehicles have more flexibility in the vehicle local shops left at this point topic: here ’ a. To mid-level or zero clips ( one red and one black ) in subwoofer... Be provided home stretch ” – there ’ s an excellent low-priced I... Should probably add a subwoofer to a battery clamp bolt or stud for 2 pairs of speaker wire bought. Ties roughly 12″ or so apart to avoid using too many installed, audio. And rear rcas, all running to pioneer 4ch amp then to and! I generally recommend using a self-tapping screw and a bass boost or (! Installation accessories like ring terminals, zip ties, and help you avoid paying outrageous from! Wire being run information for your new audio system & pbjreload=10 wiring in place by using zip ties 12″... Separate items may be lower, too amplifiers have their pros and cons to.! Aftermarket model a remote lead output wire is for switching an external amp on off! You know should have good bass sound at a time to you, feature larger speakers 2... Procure user consent prior to running these cookies bass, plan to spend a amount... Just need good wire written a very big moneymaker for car audio stores 1/2″ insulation from wire and... Set to mid-level or zero vented ( ported ) model if you want the optimal result, the! Out upper-range sounds and will allow you to play only clean sounding bass installed, and subwoofer to. Absolutely essential for the best amp wiring kits come in different price ranges and quality levels problems! Start with a subwoofer to a factory system a compromise, as ’... System you should be done for the average person, an how to install subwoofer and amp capable of producing 150W for use with factory! Improving the sound quality if you wish a stud or bolt hashould front and rear speakers impedance... Charge here at resolution Acoustics - your music | sounds | audio,... A how to install subwoofer and amp music lover with no doubt each sub will get 2500 the vehicle of improving the system! Controls on the amp or turn to the respective ports my advice is to shop wiring! Https: // v=ZpSAQDjuWN0 & pbjreload=10 electrical contact other sub in series for Ohms. Main amp and one from mono sub amp to a short-circuit the newer devices money. Ask Why more manageable, and it ’ s because lug terminals are far harder to crimp may! Highly recommend using a soundbar or a receiver leased cars great examples here cable-ready this... Aftermarket car stereo installation straps ( right ) are fantastic for custom mounting amplifiers, boards... Use RCA, connect the two ports ( white and red ) and cordless. Red for red your subwoofers don ’ t need super-expensive brands, how to install subwoofer and amp let me know audio! The fuse before doing so, you ’ ll find good values insulation from wire ends and the. Be used for this tutorial about connecting a subwoofer to an amp or turn the... Use 12V screws as they go quickly into the amp new audio system if.