There are two types of Motivation intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. All types of cultures have some advantages and disadvantages. In Enterprise the disagreement is at peak. The first assessment that we took was about my attitude toward workplace diversity. It has more focus to retain leaders than motivated and committed workers. Tarmac Company has only group in the organization. The management makes clear plans for the employees to complete and also controlling policies if employees face difficulties during operations. There is need to pay more attention to an analysis of unethical behavior in leadership and its relation to corporate culture. This proposed study examined how leaders can help employees to attend to, retain, recall, and imitate a leader’s ethical behavior in the workplace. There are four types of organizational culture that are: The clan culture is very friendly and social environment in which employees shares their experiences, success stories, and problems etc with each other. Team members cooperate with each other by giving constructive feedback to each other and helping each other to their best of skills. In order to understand how a leader can intentionally shape the behavior of employees, it is necessary to discuss a theoretical framework to be used as the basis for this study. Employees have decision making power and they are also awarded with incentives and bonuses on the completion of task. In this culture organization is just concerned with the goals of the organization. Because organizational culture reflects the values, beliefs and behavioral norms that are used by employees in an organization to give meaning to the situations that they encounter, it can influence the attitudes and behavior of the staff [2]. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. All rights reserved. In this type risk taking is present in high rate. The networks can cut through formal procedures to start initiatives and meet deadlines. The adhocracy culture brings innovation that is advantage and it faces many losses as it is more risk aversion that is disadvantage. They shared their ideas with each others, have common feelings, mutual influences, and frequent interaction. In Tarmac there is no much in reference to leadership qualities. Effects of relationship in Rent a Car Enterprise is mixed as it has mixed management structure. By seeing the behaviour modelled, employees can develop a more defined understanding of what the behaviour entails and experience more success in carrying out the behaviour in question. I will also explain how obtaining knowledge of these principles and applying them to my life have allowed me to develop a realistic career plan where I will most likely succeed. Advantage And Disadvantage Of Organizational Culture. How individual look and perceive the situation and its consequences is also a factor that influence individual’s behaviour at work. Organizational culture is the main theme of the organization. The Enterprise has both motivational theories but in a mixed way. The level of individual abilities and skills towards the work is another factor that influences individual’s behaviour at work. Social learning theory has been used in many leadership studies in the context of the workplace (Tittle, Antonaccio, & Botchkovar, 2012). In an attempt to truly understand each employees’ attitudes, I would have each employee complete a small survey that is similar to the assessment that I took within this course. Learn How to Order Essay Online. The technology has very vital role in both organizations. In Tarmac employees are facing high competition in race of winning incentives and bonuses and this competition has increased much conflict within the teams. Overall teams in the Enterprise Company have posses committed and well attitude employees by having mutual trust. The hierarchy arrangement of the organization, its authority lines, communication channel, rights and duties of the organization is the organizational structure. The some of the employees have only extrinsic motivational force, some have intrinsic force and some have both motivational forces. As Enterprise has more focus on building teams than group so different teams has different management styles and that’s why different teams has different behaviour. Leadership is responsible to establish a clear vision and sharing that vision with employees in such a way that they follow that vision without having any problem or ambiguity. A team has to gain and achieve one specific goal whereas a group can have many multiple and different goals to achieve. A reward for ethical behavior Instead of simply telling employees what they want them to do, leaders should physically model the behaviour, acting out the process they hope those under them will follow. Tarmac Ltd has clear vision to retain its employees for long time. It is said that if the formal organization is the skeleton of a company, the informal is the central nervous system driving the collective thought processes, actions, and reactions of its business is designed to facilitate standard modes of production. The leaders in this company who are following democratic style they are managing the team in well manner whereas the teams under autocratic style are facing very tough time. People are more concerned and evaluated on achieving goals and competition. So it can promote ethics in other employees. The activity or ability to lead a group of people in the organization to achieve organizational goals in effective and efficient manner is called leadership. 2.The cultural model may be unduly mechanistic, assuming that leaders can determine the culture of the organization (Morgan, 1997). Tarmac Ltd has decentralized structure. Copyright © 2020 CustomWritings. As the company mission is to be number one in customer choice so it has more focus on the satisfaction of the employees because Tarmac Ltd knows very well that no company can excel of progress if the employees are dissatisfied. I want to find out what benefits and downsides will be caused by innovative. That the reasons why OB plays a significant role in business. The process of planning, organizing, leading, controlling and dealing things and people in the work place or in the organization defines the management. Ethical leadership is a growing concept and many large companies are promoting business ethics as their corporate social responsibility. Conclusion In centralized structure top management has all the decision making powers whereas in decentralized structure the decision making power is divided in the departments. The mission of the company is to be first choice for building material and services and to gain this mission each and every employee of the company is contributing with full honest and dedication. The main advantage of this structure for the Tarmac Ltd is that it has committed employees who are keeping themselves busy to gain company’s mission. As the Tarmac Company has decentralized structure so this company has more advantages than disadvantages. They take the different individual skills and they use them to help make the workplace better. A collection of individuals who meet with each other on regular basis is called group. The Clan culture has the advantage of more supportive environment in the working area. The disadvantage of this culture is that people become more lenient they waste most of time in discussion rather than work. The teams of Enterprise has mixed effects of these factors in their team members like some of the team members who are facing democratic leadership style they have positive effects and the team members who are facing autocratic leadership style they have negative effects.