Well, it's pretty simple. Not only does Melanie use Curlformers to create her great style, but she also uses them when dying her hair. They're just unnatural, stiff, and look kind of dumb. In this Curlformers review post and how-to guide, I’m sharing my experience using a set of 40 spiral Curlformers. Required fields are marked *. formId: '5f119f40d832e40026fdd338', Those with thick hair, curly hair, or long hair may need to more depending on the size of Curlformers. I only ended up using 11 curl forms to cover my whole head. Seriously though, it's not a difficult process. They didn't really get in the way. Below is a selection of the bestselling original Hairflair Curlformers styling products: Overall, I was impressed with the curls I achieved with Curlformers. I love all things vintage, and I enjoy creating art, taking photos, and doing it myself. In my search, I discovered that they make three different types of Curlformers—barrel, spiral, and corkscrew. Because no heat is applied in the styling process, the length of your hair, texture, the thickness of the hair section, dampness, and size of Curlformers (wide vs. extra-wide Curlformers) affect how fast your curls set (give or take 6 hours).The biggest frustration most people have with Curlformers is how long it takes to dry and how to sleep comfortably with Curlformers. For this reason, I have been trying to get away from using heat, because even with heat protectant products, it can still wreak havoc on your hair. Most people will only need one Curlformers styling kit, which holds 40 individual Curlfomers containing a mix of clockwise and anti-clockwise curl pattern. © 2020 La Passion Voûtée. Barrel Curls: These are wide, bouncy, and big. Just big, beautiful, perfect curls. This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Detailed Guide: How do I use Curlformers? Be the first to know when there's a new video! Make sure you buy a kit that comes with the styling hook. As a matter of fact, they are comfortable enough to sleep in! I slept in them my first time using Curlformers and enjoyed a good night's sleep. In addition to Curlformers, the brand, Hairflair also carries a suite of other styling products including Styleformers that nourish your curls into their optimum shape and condition; and Waveformers that create loose and luscious wide waves to tight tumbling tresses. Nothing looks weirder to me than perfect little ringlets. In my search, I discovered that they make three different types of Curlformers—barrel, spiral, and corkscrew. The great thing about Curlformers is that there is no pain. The spiral curls kit was the set I used in this post and also appears to be the most popular curl style others recommend. The Spiral Curls Styling Kit is ideal for extra long hair up to 22 inches (55 cm) long. The choice is yours! After a bit of fluffing, the look is complete. I decided that barrel curls would be the most manageable and natural-looking on me. After it dries inside the curl forms, pinch the rubber ends and slide the Curlformers off for big, bouncy spirals! They're easy to put on and easy to remove. I've been eyeing Curlformers for a while, and finally took the plunge. This styling kit also ships free with Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial here). Sure, I had to adjust them every so often, but they're flexible and fairly soft. I got my near bone-straight human hair extensions to hold curls. My curls lasted several days with this styling kit without applying a styling/holding spray. I love to dye my hair all colors of the rainbow. I was so pleased when I took my Curlformers out—they worked perfectly! Please read my disclosure for details. After removing the tubes, you should always comb or at least finger comb your curls out. Corkscrew Curls: These are narrow and tight. Depending on the curl pattern you want to go for either the spiral curls, barrel curls, or corkscrew curls. I highly recommend Curlformers if you’re on the search for an affordable heatless product that produces amazing results. I know there are many Curlformers alternatives online and even on Amazon. The forms are made of a kind of woven plastic, and no matter how you bend them, they spring back into their curl shape.