Most of us remember that type of fudge from childhood, and cookie exchanges during the holidays.. As much as I own my sweet tooth, that fudge was always too sickly sweet for me. This is not your typical so-sweet-your-teeth-hurt fudge. The magic….as if you didn’t already know by the title…is sweet potatoes and dark chocolate! In place of oil, this recipe calls for cooked sweet potato. For these, 1 cup mashed banana or sweet potato is about 240g, 1/4 cup cocoa is 20g, 1/2 cup nut butter is 120g, 3 tbsp syrup is 45g, and it’s a full large package of … Just look at the top of the nutrition facts. Most ingredients should give a reference on the package. Sweet Potato Hot Fudge Cake is slightly healthier and made so that anyone, despite their food allergies, can enjoy this chocolate creation. SWEET POTATO FUDGE. This vegan dark chocolate sweet potato fudge is totally nut-free, oil-free and with a coconut-free option! It doesn’t interfere with the flavor. This is posted by request, but sounds interesting, so I will probably try it soon. The sweet potato keeps the cake moist without adding oil. Hi! I didn't think This Sweet Potato Hot Fudge Cake is all chocolate. I was so surprised when I made these the other day, they turned out to be amazing. So many fudge recipes I have looked at seem to have marshmallow creme as a main ingredient! You the kind, right? I know people have been making fudge for hundreds of years, but I am sure that marshmallow creme hasn't been around that long.