#6 Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. If your feet are covered with dry, hard skin and calluses, you need a seriously exfoliating foot peel mask like this one. Deemed one of Amazon’s best-selling foot peel masks, this option from Lavinso continues to be a customer favorite. This is the best foot peel mask … The booties fits up to size 11 in men. Lavinso Foot Peel Mask. Bea Luz Foot Peel Mask Exfoliant 2 Pairs Pack for Soft Feet in 1-2 Weeks, Exfoliating Booties For Men & Women Lavender Fusion: This marvel solution is mostly used product for parched, rough, and scratchy feet. "The shea and … The foot mask, in particular, is "a perfect blend of scrubbing and softening," Gohara says. Soft Touch foot peel mask treats dry, cracked, and calloused feet. 1. Best for Sensitive Skin: Barefoot Scientist Reboot Revitalizing Foot Peel Mask Buy on Ulta Wear these plastic booties once, for up to 90 minutes, and give it a solid week for the full exfoliating … It features a range of all-natural ingredients … Soft Touch foot peel mask will peel sheets of dead skin off your feet… The 12 Best Foot Peels to Exfoliate Rough, Calloused Feet, According to Experts.